The few days leading up to your juice cleanse is the time for proper preparation. This pre-cleanse will maximize the success of your upcoming cleanse and avoid unpleasant withdrawals (healing crisis).

 Preferably, set aside 3 days for this pre-cleanse.





Set your goal for your juice cleanse. Setting a goal means committing yourself to changing lifestyle habits that are not in your best interests. What can a juice cleanse accomplish for you? Perhaps you’d like to rectify health issues? Is it weight loss you’re aiming at? Or is it a reboot you’re looking for? Once you’ve clarified your specific goal, leave yourself inspiring notes to encourage you through the process.



First, decide on a juicing plan and then set aside the corresponding amount of days for your cleanse. Choose days that will be the least challenging for you. Many prefer workdays, as the routine and responsibilities of the workweek aid in the proper implementation of the plan.



Once you’ve determined your start date, utilize the 3 days leading up to the cleanse as groundwork for your detox as described above in the guidelines. Ease your body into the juicing mode with the following to help rid your body of excess toxicity:


Clean up your diet

ELIMINATE: Eliminate processed food, added sugars, alcohol, gluten, meat and dairy.

ENJOY: Fresh produce, whole grains, legumes, beans, salmon, nuts and seeds.

HYDRATE: Proper hydration before your cleanse, achieved by drinking pure water, will aid in the removal of waste from your liver and kidneys and will also help lessen the load on your digestive system.



On the day before the cleanse, defrost one day’s worth of bottles (usually 6) at room temperature for approximately 4-6 hours, then store in refrigerator for use on the following day. To maintain maximum freshness and benefits, avoid leaving out at room temperature for longer than necessary. Since our juices are organic and preservative-free, they will remain fresh for approximately 3-5 days.


Note: Juices must be refrigerated only once they are mostly thawed, but still very cold. Transferring juices directly from the freezer to the refrigerator may cause the enzymes within the juice to work too hard, thereby causing spoilage.





Each morning, have a glass of warm lemon water. Lemon water is known for its purification and cleansing benefits and aids in proper digestion. It supports proper kidney and liver function which are the main components in our body’s ability to flush its toxins. Lemons are one of the most purifying and alkalizing food for your body.

Juices should be consumed in 2-3 hour intervals. Timing is an approximate reference, so listen to your body and adjust timing if necessary. .


ACTIVITY. Light exercise is important for the proper functioning of the lymphatic system transporting toxins out from the body

You can always enhance your cleanse by adding Juice Shot for a better immune boost.




Wind up your days with evening baths to help release excess toxins through the body’s pores. ¼ Cup Epsom salt and essential oils – especially lavender – are wonderful additions.

  •  Soak for 15 minutes
  • When done drink water or electrolyte drink



An ancient method used to stimulate the lymphatic system, dry brushing is the practice of brushing and exfoliating dry skin. This method stimulates the lymphatic system to detox your body by removing toxins, pathogenic organisms as well as cell waste.



Using long, smooth strokes toward your heart, start brushing at the soles of your feet. Proceed with your legs, and slowly move up your body. Brush each section 10 times.

Repeat the brushing process on your arms, starting at the palms of your hands and brushing up your arm toward your heart.

Use long strokes on your extremities and circular motion on the trunk of your body and armpits.

Finally, use a soft brush to exfoliate your face.


Note: Avoid using too much pressure! Practice using smooth and soft strokes. Brushing should feel close to massaging and should not sting or cause skin reddening.

Dry brushing is recommended to be done prior to showering, followed by a natural skin moisturizer after showering. To make your own skin moisturizer, mix coconut oil with a few drops of essential oils.

Incorporate dry brushing into your routine. Wash brushes every few weeks to remove buildup and replace brush every 6-12 months.



Incorporating far-infrared saunas or steams greatly assists our body in eliminating toxins through sweating. With skin being our largest organ, allowing it to cleanse gives our body a deeper form of detox.

Set your Sauna between 115-130 degrees, and relax for 30 minutes

Drink plenty of water.

Listen to your body. If you feel short on breath, your heart is beating at an uncomfortable pace or you have signs of over-heating, open the door and let some cool air in.

A sauna is also relaxing for your body and mind, allowing you time to breathe deeply and focus on your cleanse journey.


Plan one for the day before and the day after

 Create a schedule or reminders to help you consume your juices at regular intervals.



 How will I react to a juice cleanse?

Every person responds differently to juice cleansing. Some people go through the healing crisis.

I’m not feeling my usual self. Why is that?

It is normal to feel different while on the cleanse. After all, your body is under construction! It is working hard to rid itself of the toxin buildup, which is called the “healing crisis”. This may show up as fatigue, mood swings, decrease in energy levels or other discomfort. It’s also trying to adjust to the change in eating habits, and the intensity of the symptoms will vary depending on toxin buildup as well as your body’s ability to handle change. Relaxation techniques like meditation, music or yoga can help ease those discomforts. But above all, remember that you know your body best, so listen to its cues. You can always call us at The Juicery if you’re unsure.


Follow the section “Additional methods beneficial to a cleanse” when dealing with the healing crisis.

I need real food. Is there anything I can eat without interrupting the juice cleanse?

While the optimal cleanse avoids any form of solids, it is understandable that some may need them at some point during the cleanse. If so, opt for soaked nuts, organic produce like berries, greens or avocad. Also, ask yourself if it’s indeed the food you need, or if this urge may come from other sources, like habit or stress. Keep yourself busy to avoid boredom cravings.

Can I exercise during the cleanse?

While we know the importance of exercising regularly, allow the cleansing days to be days of relaxation and rejuvenation, sprinkled with some light exercising like walking or yoga. Since the body’s energy levels tend to shift during a cleanse, take care not to add unnecessary strains.


It is not uncommon to see a decrease in elimination as your cleanse continues. Less in can equal less out. However, it is important that you pay attention to your body’s signals. If you are experiencing detox symptoms like nausea, but have not eliminated waste from your intestines, you may need to courage elimination through on of the following options:

  • Take a Probiotic
  • Magnesium 200 mg every night
  • Herbal laxative (ColonMax)
  • Fermented Drinks. Apple cider vinegar / Coconut water Kefir (kombucha is not advisable due to the caffeine and added sugar)
  • Enema or colonic.



Congratulations on completing the cleanse! You’ve given your body a new chance; so utilize this opportunity to set yourself on the right track. Take concrete measures to ensure healthy habits; whether it’s menu planning, food choices or habit changes, now is the time when your body is most receptive!

 As tempting as it may be to dive right back into those dishes you’ve missed, refrain from falling back on the very habits you’ve just rid yourself of. Plus, your body isn’t accustomed to the heavy foods and it may cause adverse reactions. You’ve worked hard to get here, so hold onto this accomplishment and put it to good use.

Start with light, healthy food choices like salads, produce, smoothies and soaked nuts. Slowly incorporate healthy proteins like yogurt and salmon, as well as healthy grains. Our maintenance juices are of great benefit now, too!

Now is also the perfect time to sift out your allergens. If you suspect certain foods, like dairy or soy, slowly reintroduce them, one at a time, and watch for reactions or sensitivities.

Detoxing with a juice cleanse every few months can greatly improve your health. With each subsequent cleanse, your body heals on a deeper level. For best results, strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle between each cleanse.



As always, we’re more than happy to help and will do our best to ensure your success! Don’t hesitate to contact us at the Rise Juicery!

Post Cleanse: The three days post cleanse are vital to long-term success. Just as you plan your cleanse, plan and prepare clean foods like salads for the three days following your cleanse.



During Cleanse: Create a schedule or reminders to help you consume your juices at regular intervals.

Post Cleanse: The three days post cleanse are vital to long-term success. Just as you plan your cleanse, plan and prepare clean foods like salads for the three days following your cleanse.